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Resources for Investing and Fundraising with WaterWorks

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Fundraising Resources

We've prepared these materials to explain more about our fundraising processes and how we'll be working together.


WaterWorks invites any United States private company focused on solving a water problem to submit an application to place an investment offering on our site. We have exclusive criteria and non-exclusive factors which we consider when reviewing applications.


Our application process was designed to help us get to know you, learn about your company, your mission, why you're interested in raising funds and how you hope to accelerate solutions to our world's water problems. 


WaterWorks earns fees from funds successfully raised. We earn fees based on total funds raised and total securities offered in a successful offering. These fees may vary based on offering type and structure. 


The limit that a company can raise through Title III Regulation Crowdfunding offerings in a rolling 12-month period is $1,070,000. There are also investor limits that apply unless an exemption applies. These limits can be managed by selecting the right fundraising instrument.

Fundraising Instruments             

WaterWorks can work with all types of debt and equity securities; there's virtually no limit.  


All applications are typically reviewed within one week. Building your offering page, content and campaign marketing plan will vary by offering, and you should plan for 1-3 weeks. Time spent preparing and filing SEC Form C will also vary by Issuer, and you should plan for 1-2 weeks for this process. Offerings must be kept open for a minimum of 21 days. Typical campaigns last from 60-120 days.

More information can also be found in our Knowledge Base.


After the application process is complete, we'll send an Engagement Agreement and help you get started building your offering page and plan.

SEC Form C

We've built a custom process to help take you step-by-step through preparing and filing your Form C offering statement with the SEC. You can learn more about Form C on the SEC website.


Our partners at Prime Trust will manage crowdfunding escrow account transaction activity and investor communications requirements.

More information can also be found in our Knowledge Base.


Content influences the investor's experience on your campaign page. Just because you built it, doesn't mean investors will invest. We believe that it is imperative to tell your story in a genuine and honest way with the best words, graphics, videos and any other expressive, creative way you conceive (and our site can handle).            


A communications strategy and marketing plan involve a lot of moving parts, all of which are essential to success: content, PR, digital advertising, social media engagement, search engine marketing, emails and more. Fortunately, we've run a few successful marketing campaigns in our day, and our team is stacked with experts to help.

Offering Page

Once we've receive your Engagement Letter, you'll begin working with your campaign manager to build your custom campaign offering page. We can help ensure that the final product presents a compelling, content-rich pitch that engages with the crowd.

More information can also be found in our Knowledge Base.

Digital Ads + Marketing

Lead generation, audience growth, targeting and customization of your digital advertisements must be in compliance with all SEC rules on the topic. We can help you understand the rules and help you craft a cost-effective digital strategy to maximize your campaign's reach and effectiveness.       

Ramp up the PR

There are plenty of digital and social media channels available to deliver your message and make your pitch, but a good old-fashioned public relations campaign focused on key influencers and thought leaders in the water community will be a key factor in your campaign's viral growth.

Audience Engagement + Activation

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Medium, email and beyond... Engaging and activating your audiences across all your networks can be a key contributor to your campaign's success.

More information can also be found in our Knowledge Base.

Close + Accept

If you hit your target offering amount, you can choose to close and end your campaign as long as it has been active for 21 days. Any funding you raise over your offering target is called an oversubscription. You can accept oversubscriptions, however, you cannot accept any funding over your maximum offering amount. If you do not reach your target before your campaign expires, all investment commitments will be returned to investors. We can help with these and other regulatory requirements.

Sign + Countersign

After you've closed your raise, we'll prepare a summary of fees and reimbursable expenses for your review. All fees are required to be paid directly to certain legal entities of WaterWorks to ensure compliance; these are part of the closing conditions we'll outline in the Paperwork phase of your company onboarding.

Engagement Funds + Future

After all closing conditions are verified to have been met, funds will be released from escrow to the company and investors will receive their securities. Successfully closed crowdfundraising rounds under Reg CF require companies to file an annual report, Form C-AR, 120 days after the end of your company fiscal year. WaterWorks can remind you of this requirement annually.

More information can also be found in our Knowledge Base.

You can raise capital on your own terms...

Access to a growing network of investors.
Ability to tailor your offering terms.
Marketing and media exposure.
Creation of company and product advocates.
Building a network of future investors.
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